the euro

How to identify the Euro:

- no laces*
- slightly too dressy for the accompanying jeans
- visual similarities to an alien head

What the shoe indicates:
The Euro shoe is often accompanied by flashy graphic t-shirts and perhaps a bit too much hair product. However, the wearer is often confident, well-groomed and smells delicious (due to carefully chosen cologne).

These Euro shoe wearers can be quite the catch, but beware: you might catch them checking themselves out in the mirror more than they focus on you. 

*Male candidates suffer an automatic point reduction for Velcro

Dating guide:
Expect all the stops and maybe a trip to the club. You should probably get fancified for your date -- these boys dress to impress and you don't want to be stuck lookin' butch in comparison with jeans and casual shirt. Maybe they're not guys' guys, but wouldn't it be nice swap fashion tips with your man?

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