the basketball shoe

Ever been chatting up a guy and caught a glance below? 
"Why did it have to be the basketball shoe?!" you silently scream.


What the Bball shoe indicates:
This is a man that is stuck in his ways. Like most men, he only has what he uses. He's sensible and buys shoes that can aid his jump shot while also allowing him to trot around town comfortably.

The Bball Man fits in with his friends (also devoted bball playas). He is also not concerned with fashion or matching in general. Black and brown? Heinous red shoes and an orange shirt? BASKETBALL SHOES ON A DATE? It's "worked" for him before, he thinks. He has a generic taste in music, cycling mostly around the top 40.

Ladies, this is not to be taken lightly.

 WARNING: If not addressed before the late twenties, the Bball Man is in danger of letting all public fashion reason slip away.

Dating guide:  
Rest easy, girls. The Bball Man is most likely not a playa playa. He's too loyal for that (review connection to friends).

BUT, unless he's running out to meet the boys for a quick ball game, he needs some advising in the shoe department. Don't worry, Shoe Lovers, you will be his guide. You can use your feminine wiles to communicate that the basketball shoe does not, in fact, match every outfit (if male readers have to ask why, well, just trust us). You will introduce him to some similar, but non-repulsive shoes. Like these. 


Surely he can save the bball shoes for game days and strut his stuff in these. He will thank you for upping his girl game. 


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