supremelywhitetennisshoes guy

"Ay-- watch the shoes!"  
"Oh, my bad..."

Sorry to stumble onto your supremelywhitetennisshoes in my haste to get by. But if I may be frank, I think your shoes blinded me, so is it your bad?

What the shoe indicates:

Not a scratch in sight. But if supremelywhitetennisshoes guy were to find a blemish, you can bet top dollar that these will quickly turn into his "old" shoes. SWTS guys tend to finish their outfits with a shimmer of gold slinking out the collar and know all of Kanye's songs by heart. Expect him to have one hand always connected to his shiny phone, while the other may or may not be always, uhm, "readjusting." It wouldn't be far-fetched to assume that his dream is to have his own version of VH1's "For the Love of Ray Jay."

Dating guide:
Unless supremelywhitetennisshoes guy allows you to take priority over his shoes, he needs to be dropped like it's hot. Sorry. It's also more than likely that his dismissal of imperfect footwear matches his superficiality in a relationship. He'd probably be a clean roommate though.

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