the 90s skater shoe

Look, you know what I'm talking about. The puffy tongue, thick soles, falling off your feet, usually accompanied by too-baggy jeans and a love of Wu-Tang Clan. 

What the shoe indicates:

He's back partying like it's 1999, and maybe hanging out with middle schoolers (yikes!). But hopefully, he lives in Dogtown, because otherwise, there's no excuse for wearing these uglies. Besides, nobody wants to share the same shoes as Taking-Back-Sunday-listening, preteen girls. 

Maybe you could ask him to clarify how wearing shoes that are way too big for him help him  grip a board better. 

Let's show him some updates, shall we?

That is soooo much better.

Dating guide:
The 90s skater shoe wearer is old school. And probably cheap. That doesn't mean he's not likeable, but it does mean he needs an update. And probably a more recent shower than, say, every three days. The good news is, he has the appeal of mystery, and who doesn't love that? (Will Scooby-Doo ever find out where his last pair of clean boxers went? Stay tuned...)



  1. Who ever wrote this is the type of people every individual who gets lumped into groups really hates.

    And nice for placing ''Avril Lavinge'' in the same article with the mention of skateboarding, every skateboarder has never liked having the affiliation with that annoying, pathetic excuse as a ''punk rock singer''.

    Nice stereotyping jerks. Besides, who are you to tell someone how to dress?

    Shoes don't tell squidly squat about what the person's like, besides isn't everyone wearing the same thing anyways? Converse? Low Vans shoes, espadrillas and dock/boat shoes?

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  3. The one who wrote this probably have no idea about classic skateboarding era = golden era. Nowadays 90's skate shoes cost about 200$, and all the technical cupsoles cost twice as much as the crappy vulcanized sole shoes, who gets destroyed in two week while 90's shoe you could skate at least for a year. And it's sellers excuse for this kind of bussiness plan telling that vulc soles have better grip, because you see the greatest video parts were filmed with "90's shoe" and most of the pros consider them as the best ones and actually prefer cupsoles. Latest shoes are plain and not good looking. They look like tennos shoe, not skate. In the 90's shoes it was thought about everything in every single little detail, from long lasting fabric, shoe lace protectors, sole technology that presrve your heels and detailed design etc.